A chronological table about the research of the mandibular movement
and the development of the Articulator.

We must not forget to get a dentistry medical environment like the present thanks to many predecessors' trouble and a great success.

I wanted to reconfirm the great success, and tried to make this chronological table.

The dental care is most work by the indirect method at present.

Therefore, to do medical treatment under the recognition that inside the mouth which a dentist is watching is common to the model which a dental technician is watching, the existence of the Articulator is indispensable.

Gariot developed the first hinge articulator in 1805. Then, about 200 years have passed. For that time, many Articulators have been developed. In the background, there was no Articulator which could satisfy the occlusion theory which predecessors studied in those days, and an Articulator has been developed to make it materialized.

Therefore, to learn an Articulator is in other words to learn an occlusion.

The purpose of dental care is not to treat decayed teeth, make dentures or provide endodontic therapy.

The real purpose is to make a correct occlusion that lasts a long tme. And contributes to the patient's life style.

The 1800's




This chronological table is thought to want to become satisfactory from the future. But, there is a limit in as well examining it with the power of one person.
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