What is Komura Dental Office?

Place:I am a dentist and have my qwn practice in Gonohe, a amall remote town in the Japanese countryside.

We have no train station but the surrounding nature is very beautiful.

Philosophy of Komura Dental Office.

On the subject that dentist treatment give each patient matching occlusion functional and aesthetical looks, I am to keep oral formation which suppots denture and occlusion.

I think that I try to keep and promote the patient's health according to an oral approach.


< Dentist >

Noriyuki Komura

< Assistant >

Hisako Suzuki

Makiko Satoh

Eriko Siraishi

Youko Kikuchi

Taeko Mukaiyama

< Labor and environment coordinator >

Michiko Komura

< Secretary and Receptionist >

Taneko Kawasaki