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Biju Komura

Permanent general affairs of Sogetsu first grade sihan,member No.0077379

I was taught by Instructer

Mr. Gasen Watanabe(Morioka city Iwate Pre.)('82-'86)

Mrs. kouju Miya(Miyako city Iwate Pre.)("89-'91)

Mrs. Ikko Hiraoka(Hachinohe city Aomori Pre.)('91-'92,'96-now)

Flower arranging is exciting.

I have to decide how to arrange the flowers,to create the right image
and to choose the right vase. I also get to discover lots of new flovers.
It also involves a lot of concentration as I design the arrangement with scissors.
Sometimes,it is very difficult as maybe one leaf is wrong deciding what to do is quite perplexing.

However, I descover a great deal as my instructor teaches me.

I find flower arranging very carthartic. I'd like to do it all the time.
My dream is to create a big arrangement and to be able to take lessons at the Sogetsu-Kaikan in Tokyo.

I think that I will have my passion for flowers forever.
I am a grade 2 flover arranger and display my work.

Could you please give me some advice about my work?

Biju Komura

You are person.

Thank you

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Crick pictures. You can see a big pictre and flowers.

Space structure.

'99. 12 . 22

2000. 12 . 16

Flower arrangement outside the field.

2001. 5 . May

2000. 5 . May

New Year's flower arrangment.

Display before 2001
is this.

1998: 1 work
1999: 4 works
2000: 4 works

1 . January. 2001,No1

1 . January. 2001,No2

1 . January. 2001,No3

1 . January. 2001,No4

X'mas flower arrangment

'97 . 12 . 15

'98 . 11 . 25, No.1

'98 . 12 . 14, No.2

'99 . 12 . 13, No.1

'99 . 12 . 13, No.2

Display based on the theme : 4 works

Flower on the table : 2works

Free style : 17works

Flower arrangement of different nature material : 1work

Dry flowers and living flowers : 1work

Using flower vases : 2works

Line structure : 6works

Mass structure : 6works

Curved line structure : 2works

Cross of lines : 3works

Spread flowers : 1work

The vases : 1work

Flower arrangement by one kind of flower : 1 work

Others : 2works

I took pictures for my records. I'm sorry you can't see them very well.

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