Various Articulator mount methods

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After this, set up a screen in the upper window size, and see it.

Everyone of the dentists and the technicians who thinks that it will try to buy an Articulator from now.

Though it has an Articulator, but, everyone of the dentists and the technicians who doesn't know how you have only to use it.

To do dentistry medical treatment with the concept that the technician is common to the dentist,the existence of the Articulator is indispensable.
To be in the environment that the model which the technician is watching is the same inside the mouth which a dentist is watching, it is that a certain Articulator mount is being done and it can be done for the first time.

About "the Articulator mount",I tried to stick here a little.

Let's try to think about the method of the meaningful Articulator mount together in the clinical target.

It proceeds in the next order.

I) As for the Articulator mount?

II) The reality of face bow.

III) The way that occusal rim of complete denture mounts

>The check point of the bite taking.<

>The check point of the Articulator mount.<

>The check point of the mount of the Hundy Articulator.<

VI) The reality of the occlusion rim in the dentate arch.

V) The clinical cases of the occlusion rim in the dentate arch.

Is time all right?

It is careful not to become a lost child, and try to come in in it because it flies to a place to vary.

Please send your opinion, an impression.

As for the Articulator mount?